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Baby Clam Meat

  • All natural, packed in its own juice
  • Pillow Pack – easy to thaw
  • Sand free
  • 100% natural pack – no chemicals or additives used
  • Sweet, clean flavor
  • Better meat yield than canned alternatives, 50% meat and 50% juice
  • Meat count is 300-500 pieces per pound
  • Farm-raised
  • Product of China

Product Info Sheet


Ideal for pasta dishes, chowders and soups.

Keep frozen until use.


Farm-raised Baby Clams are rated as a ‘Best Choice’ for sustainable seafood by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch for their well-managed production process and low impact on surrounding ecosystems.


Code Description Case
9080 Baby Clam Meat in Natural Juice, 300-500 Count, Pillow Pack, 50% Meat-50% Juice, China 10/1 Lbs.