Applying the Science of Quality™

Clams – Half Shell

  • All natural
  • Vacuum packed to retain natural juice and fresh taste
  • Sand free – clams are purged before packing
  • 100% yield – no broken or unusable clams to discard
  • Pre-cooked, just reheat from the frozen state
  • Year round availability and stable pricing

Product Info Sheet


Add your favorite topping and reheat in the oven approximately 5 minutes for delicious clams casino.

Keep frozen until use.


Clams are rated as a ‘Best Choice’ for sustainable seafood by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch for their well-managed production process and low impact on surrounding ecosystems.


Code Description Case
9021 Clams, Half Shell, 16-25 ct/lb, Fully Cooked, Vacpack Frozen, Asia 10/1 lb
9037 Clams, Half Shell, 144 ct/case, Fully Cooked, IQF, USA 144/Case