5 Summer Seafood Dishes to Try

Seafood is perfect for summer dining and helps make mealtimes more interesting. Whether you’re firing up the barbecue or packing up a picnic, here are some great summer seafood recipes to try.

seafoodPoke Salad

Poke bowls, a Hawaiian dish of raw fish served over white rice, are increasingly popular in the US. The beauty of a poke bowl is that the base is extremely versatile, so you can experiment with different toppings for many different versions. Try different proteins using fish and other seafood to find your favorite. Top with a combination of avocado, cucumber, edamame beans, radishes, and other vegetables and greenery for a fresh summer flavor.

As well as being versatile, poke is also simple to throw together. Aside from the rice, there’s no cooking required, so this dish is quick to prepare and light and refreshing to eat. Try our octopus poke recipe for a tasty summer lunch. 

Seafood Skewers

Seafood is ideal for cooking on the barbecue because of its fast cooking time. Shrimp and scallop skewers cook perfectly on the grill as their sweet taste pairs well with the charred flavor of the barbecue. 

Shrimp and scallop skewers make the perfect base for you to top with different sauces and garnishes. For Asian-inspired summer seafood recipes, try glazing your skewers in a teriyaki marinade. For our tips on barbecued seafood, check out the blog on cooking seafood on the grill.

Steamed Mussels

Of all the summer seafood recipes you can try, a big bowl of steamed mussels is the easiest and probably the most popular! Mussels are perfect for when you have guests over in the garden. Place a large bowl as your centerpiece and let guests graze on them throughout the afternoon. 

Our top tip to make this a crowd pleaser is to serve additional mussel meat in the bowl with your mussels in shells so that everyone gets a generous helping. The mussels will keep absorbing the flavors of your sauce as they sit in the juices, and guests will keep coming back for more! 

Seafood Piccata

For summer seafood dishes you can have any night of the week, try a seafood piccata. It’s a tasty, protein-rich meal that is light enough for a summer evening but will leave you feeling satisfied. You can serve it alongside your choice of rice or pasta, or just serve your seafood with some crusty bread for dipping! 

To take the fuss out of prep for your seafood picatta, opt for our frozen seafood mix, perfectly portioned and already cleaned and prepared to make summer seafood dishes even easier. You can simply defrost overnight in the fridge and cook in your summer seafood recipes on the day. 

Fried Calamari

When we think of summer seafood dishes, we picture lots of finger food for guests to enjoy. Fried calamari is the perfect snack for a get-together, served alongside several dips to suit everyone’s tastes. Try a peppered calamari coating for the perfect moreish flavor! Where normally you might serve onion rings, try switching them out for calamari rings to give your guests a more adventurous alternative. 

Make sure you have plenty of napkins at the ready when serving these summer seafood dishes! 

To discover summer seafood dishes and year-round favorites, check out our recipes page, and you can also browse all our seafood online