Applying the Science of Quality®

The PanaPesca Advantage

Price vs. Cost

Accurate plate costs are critical to measuring success in foodservice.

Your invoice price is clear, but is the real cost as obvious?

Real costs can run as much as 40% higher than invoice costs due to inconsistent weights, unusable product and spoilage.

PanaPesca products are developed to eliminate waste and uncertainty.

Our price is your cost.

Consistent performance ensures superior value.

Applying the Science of Quality®

Can you afford an inconsistent product that may be returned to the kitchen, costing you a loyal customer?

Our goal is to identify and control the conditions that affect flavor and product performance. We call this the Science of Quality — the mastery of all the details encountered at each phase of production.

Applying the Science of Quality enables us to capture the authentic flavor of peak freshness, assuring consistent performance.

Consistent performance is your advantage.

The Structure of Innovation

Our responsive sales force and global sourcing network make us uniquely positioned to take customer-driven needs directly to the source.

These needs are researched and integrated into real solutions that put us on the leading edge of seafood innovation.

We strive to anticipate our customer's needs by providing innovative, first to market product categories and pack forms.

THESE are some of those efforts.