6 Benefits of Buying Your Seafood Online

Seafood has been a favorite throughout the world for thousands of years and remains the largest traded food commodity in the world. Even now, in the 21st century, over 3 billion people consume farmed or wild-caught seafood as their main source of protein. 

As well as being relatively accessible to most communities, seafood is also incredibly healthy. Most kinds of seafood contain a range of beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and healthy fats, which have been proven to help people lead healthier longer lives. Don’t wait any longer — buy seafood online and find out why it’s the way forward.

Even though the popularity of seafood hasn’t changed, the way we purchase it certainly has. More and more people choose to buy seafood online instead of at their local grocery stores. Why is this the case? Well, there are many benefits to ordering your seafood from an online supplier. Keep reading to find out our seven benefits of buying your seafood online.

seafood in an ice1. It’s More Convenient

Over the last few years, we have seen many people giving up their weekly trips to the grocery store in favor of home deliveries. People don’t need to spend valuable time traveling to the local grocery store and being stuck in traffic jams. Instead, they can organize a convenient delivery time and date that suits them. Buying seafood online has never been so easy.

This trend has increased partly due to the overall convenience and partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where many shoppers haven’t felt comfortable enough to visit their local stores. Whatever the reason, shoppers can now easily buy seafood online.

2. The Seafood Is Fresher

It may seem counterintuitive, but frozen seafood is often more fresh than fresh seafood. Just like any fresh item, it takes time to get seafood to the supermarket and out on the fresh case, where it often sits for several days. The longer it sits, the more the quality of the fish deteriorates whereas frozen seafood locks in the fresh taste until ready for cooking.

When buying frozen seafood online, you can be sure that you are getting top-quality product that has been frozen at peak freshness, thus locking in all the incredible health benefits you would expect from seafood with the same great taste.

3. Increased Sustainability

For those looking to buy sustainably sourced seafood, you may be surprised to find that buying frozen seafood online is more sustainable than buying it from the grocery store.

It is a common problem with commercial fishing that large-scale fishing operations fail to consider the growth and breeding periods of many species of seafood, which means that stocks run dangerously low. However, if seafood is caught in season — when the stocks are at their highest — the impact is far less, and the seafood itself can be frozen and stored until required. 

Furthermore, as fresh seafood spoils rapidly, it is necessary to transport it via air. Frozen seafood, however, can be transported using slower and more environmentally friendly methods. It’s clear that when you buy seafood online, you are making the best choice not only for yourself but also for the environment.

 4. More Variety

There is nothing worse than having a craving for something and then finding that the grocery store doesn’t carry it or it is not in stock. Perhaps a new and exciting recipe calls for a type of seafood that is a little bit different, and you struggle to find it in your locality. This is just the sort of frustration that you can avoid when you buy your seafood online.  

When you buy your frozen seafood online, you can be sure to find a far greater variety of seafood products than you would in your local stores. And you can also avoid disappointment with up-to-date information regarding what is in stock. 

 5. Cost-Effective

One of the plusses of choosing to buy seafood online is that you can get excellent value for your money. Great quality seafood will be delivered at a very fair price, and you don’t have to spend on transport to collect from the grocery store. When you buy online, you are buying directly from the supplier which also cuts out any additional markups that traditional retail adds on.

6. Expert Knowledge

When you buy seafood online directly from the source, you have the opportunity to connect with a knowledgeable group of seafood suppliers. They can advise on storage and cooking methods, recommend different kinds of seafood — which you may not have tried — and they have a wealth of knowledge to share with you when you make your purchase. You can also check out their online resources for tried and tested recipes, seafood tips, and informative blogs. The more you learn, the more you’ll enjoy your seafood dishes.

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