7 Benefits of Eating Seafood

Maybe you have overdone it this summer and enjoyed yourself a little too much. There is no need to worry. It is a great time to control your health by watching your diet and making the right choices nutritionally. Getting the nutrients you need from your diet doesn’t have to mean eating bland dishes. Here at PanaPesca USA, we want to teach you about the top seven benefits of eating seafood. 

From freshwater to saltwater, fresh or frozen, seafood is a delicious delicacy enjoyed worldwide. You probably already know how good it can taste, but did you realize the range of health benefits that seafood offers? That is right — your clam chowder and your seafood paella are full of goodness. Keep reading to find out all about the top seven seafood benefits. 

fish in a plate1. Full of Important Nutrients

Fish are packed full of vital nutrients that we can’t produce enough of. These nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, iodine, and more, generally aren’t produced in great quantities. Therefore, we need to get what we can from our diets. 

Fattier fish species (tuna, salmon, trout, etc.) are generally considered the most beneficial nutritionally, thanks to their high omega-3 and vitamin D content. These fats and vitamins are essential for helping with optimal brain and body function and reducing the risk of a range of common diseases.

2. Important for Brain Health

We all start to slow down as we get older. The seafood benefits might not turn back the time on your mental decline. Still, it may help slow the process and help prevent you from getting any severe neurodegenerative problems such as Alzheimer’s. Studies prove that people who eat seafood often show a slower mental decline than those who do not.

3.  Good for Your Heart

Heart attacks and strokes are two of the most common forms of death in the USA. Therefore, it is essential to do what you can to look after your heart. Thankfully the benefits of seafood also include keeping your heart healthy, thanks to the high content of omega-3 fatty acid. 

With studies showing that men who eat more servings of fish per week reduced their risk of heart disease by 15%, it is probably worth expanding your recipe repertoire with some new delicious seafood recipes.

4. Improve Mental Health

A study found that over 40% of Americans have low levels of vitamin D. This might not seem like a problem until you learn that vitamin D is also key in regulating your mood and fighting off depression. Thankfully the “sunshine” vitamin is found in large quantities in a range of delicious fish and seafood.

Fish such as salmon, herring, and cod have enough vitamin D to keep you feeling good and what is even better is that they taste delicious.

5. Helps Maintain Eyesight

Chances are we are all going to need reading glasses at some stage in our lives. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is something that happens to us all, but what if we told you that the benefits of seafood include helping to maintain your eyesight? 

There is evidence to suggest that eating plenty of fish and seafood each week leads to a 53% decrease in the chances of you getting neovascular AMD. Seafood benefits so many parts of the body, and now it appears that it can potentially help maintain your senses.

 6. Eases Joint Pain

We all know that feeling of getting older — including aching joints and a stiff back and sides — but maybe those aches and pains can be somewhat alleviated by simply eating more seafood and reaping the benefits. 

It has been proven that eating seafood regularly eases arthritis symptoms, and there is also evidence to suggest that the omega-3 that you get from fish and seafood can ease joint pain and help those who have rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Delicious

Seafood has so many benefits for your health and mental well-being. Still, it is impossible to forget that the thing we love the most about seafood is the incredible flavor that comes with premium quality seafood

Start your health kick with some sustainably sourced seafood and take care of your health with seafood benefits and some delicious dishes.

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