Top 5 Seafood Recipes from around the World

After 18 months of the coronavirus pandemic, it is safe to say that it has been anything but normal. With countless restrictions and stay-at-home orders, people have been unable to do the things they love, like traveling and discovering the delights of foreign cultures. However, with international travel opening up once more, here at PanaPesca, we felt inspired to put together a list of our top five seafood recipes from around the world.

For many people, the main reasons for traveling are learning about other cultures and, most importantly, trying other countries’ incredible food. The unique flavors and exotic dishes that you try on holiday provide a great reminder of those wonderful vacation moments. 

So whether you are looking for inspiration for your summer vacation or just want to host an enviable dinner party, check out our top seafood recipes from around the world and take your taste buds on an international journey.

Our Favorite Spanish Seafood Recipe

seafood paella

Spain is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. It is a country known for its stunning architecture, friendly locals, and famous food culture. Although you have probably heard of tapas and jamón ibérico, there is no doubt that the jewel in the crown of Spain’s food recipes is paella.

Paella is a delicious rice dish that originates from the region of Valencia. Although there are many different variations, the most popular recipe is the seafood paella. 

Paella is the ultimate dish for large dinner parties. Several delicious ingredients, including our frozen seafood mix or paella mix, are cooked together in a traditional paellera dish and served up with a traditional Spanish wine. 

If you are looking to take the Mediterranean flavors to your kitchen, why not try your hand at one of the most iconic seafood recipes from around the world? 

Try our Seafood Paella recipe at PanaPesca USA.

The Top Seafood Recipe from Italy

seafood in a plate

There are few countries with a love of food quite like Spain’s, but travel across the Mediterranean to Italy, and it is easy to see why so many food lovers consider Italy as the greatest nation when it comes to cuisine. Although it is difficult to choose just one, Pasta ai Frutti Di Mare is, without a doubt, one of our favorite seafood recipes from around the world.

This iconic seafood dish is made with just any pasta of your choice, our seafood mix, and a few other simple ingredients, yet it can produce an unforgettable Italian flavor. 

If you want to try your hand at one of our favorite seafood recipes from around the world, then check out our Pasta ai Frutti Di Mare recipe at PanaPesca USA.

Discover Our Favorite Seafood Recipe from France

Moules Provençal

Staying on the European continent, no food lover can miss out on a trip to France. From a nation that invented fine dining and haute cuisine, it is obvious that one of our favorite seafood recipes from around the world was going to come from France. The recipe in question is Moules Provençal. 

This wonderful dish may be best served in the south of France, but if you can’t get away this summer, then it is certainly possible to recreate it at home. As long as you have some high-quality whole shell mussels and a few other easily sourced ingredients, you too can create your own fine dining experience.

Why not try PanaPesca USA’s Moules Provençal recipe?

The Best Japanese Seafood Recipe

Octopus Dynamite and Sunomono Salad.

On a journey of the top seafood recipes around the world, it is impossible to leave out Japan. It is a country known for its unique culture, love of technology, and passion for good seafood. Although there are so many wonderful recipes to choose from, we couldn’t forget to mention the Japanese appetizers of Octopus Dynamite and Sunomono Salad. 

There are few better ways to start a dinner party than with a seafood starter, and with this appetizer, you even have the option of hot or cold. All you need is some premium quality octopus and a few other traditional ingredients, and you will have yourself the ultimate dinner party starter. 

Check out our Japanese Appetizers recipe at PanaPesca USA.

Our Favorite Seafood Recipe from Thailand

For anyone who has had the chance to visit Thailand, you are sure to have been blown away by the incredible flavors on offer. Famous for its street food and incredible spices, Thailand is one of those places with many dishes that could make it onto our list of top seafood recipes from around the world. There are many complex dishes to choose from, but the simple Thai scallops with lime are difficult to beat, thanks to their subtle flavors.

All you need is some premium quality scallops, lime juice, and a couple of other simple ingredients, and you have yourself an unforgettable seafood dish. 

Check out our Simple Thai Scallops Recipe at PanaPesca USA.

So there you have it, the definitive list of our favorite seafood recipes from around the world. Although there were many other wonderful recipes to choose from, there is no doubt that these dishes will be the star of any dinner or lunch. 

Whether we have helped inspire you with your next holiday destination or you simply have a craving for one of the seafood recipes, we hope that you continue to explore seafood recipes from around the world with us. 

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